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The Best Lighting Options For Your Home


The right lighting can help you achieve a bright and airy or a cosy feel. You can change the look and ambience of a room by simply altering the illumination. Layers of light offer different moods that highlight interesting features. And provide brighter lights where you need them. Look at some of the best lighting options for your home here…

Home lighting solutions

Different Types of Home Lighting

Task Lights

These are lights that are needed for reading. Or in the kitchen where you need a strong light above the work surfaces and the sink. Under cupboard lighting will provide the bright light that you need.

Ambient Lighting

This general lighting gives you enough light to see when you’re in the room. It often refers to natural light coming through windows or normal room lighting without any added extras.

Mood Lighting

Interior lighting design ideas suggest the positioning of lamps and wall lights to feature interesting items in the room. You can get a level of light that produces the interesting effects you want.

Children’s Lighting

Low energy lamps with fluorescent or LED bulbs will ensure a cool touch, and a more economical way of lighting. Lighting schemes need to be able to change as your child gets older, so trendy and colourful lights are ideal.

Night Lights

Placing warm nightlights where they’re most useful – in the hallway or near the bathroom – is a comfortable way to let you see in the dark. And allow you to go back to sleep easily when you go back to bed.

Multiple Lights

Home lighting ideas include using more than one light in the same space. This helps balance the light and can be very effective in the bathroom, the living room, and the bedroom.

Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lighting

These bulbs are becoming increasingly popular as they use less energy and last up to 15 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They’re available in a whole range of colours classed as warm to cool. And the soft whites are recommended for bathroom activities such as applying makeup or shaving!

Security Lights

Outdoor light fixtures can be angled to focus on specific areas of your home. And ambient lighting should be used to light the perimeters of your building and the entry. Take advice on the installation of floodlights to ensure you’re not crossing any neighbourhood guidelines.

Backup Lights

Choose battery powered emergency lights or LED flashlights to cope with any power cuts.

Home Lighting Factors

Interior lighting design is all about using the light fitting as part of the room décor, as well as providing light. You’ll need to position your lights depending on the size of your room and the height of the ceilings.

Remember that if your walls are painted or papered in dark colours these will absorb the light, so your light levels will need to be increased. Look at each room individually to identify what light source you need.

Bedroom lightingYour Choice

  • Ideal lights for the kitchen include pendants or flush fitting ceiling lights.
  • The bathroom will benefit from LED ceiling lights and chrome mirror lights
  • Choose recessed wall lights or long drop feature lights for stairs and landings
  • Chandeliers are an excellent selection for dining areas with varieties of crystals, small bulbs, and faux candles
  • Bedroom lighting can be controlled with dimmer switches to set a romantic scene, or recessed lighting in the headboard

Got a Lighting Issue?

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