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No Electricity in House – What To Do?

Being suddenly faced without electricity in your property can be frustrating – and unnerving. You need to stay calm and try to find the source of the power outage. Then you can try and turn the power back on. Look at this useful guide when you have no electricity in house – and what to do…


Step by Step

Check your electricity meter for lights or flashing displays – this indicates there is an electricity supply coming into your property from the outside mains cable.

Check the trip switches and fuses in your electricity box to rule out defective wiring or an issue with a particular appliance. An overloaded circuit happens when electrical appliances draw a lot of current all at the same time – causing the circuit breaker to automatically shut down an electrical circuit.

Fuses can trip at any time. All the switches in your fuse box should be pointing upwards – if one is down, flick it back up. If the switch won’t stay upright then the faulty appliance may still be turned on. Try and find the source. Turn off the power supply and try again.

If the circuit breaker trip switch’s on but no power, or it blows immediately after you’ve reset it, this signifies problems with the circuit itself which may need replacing or upgrading. And will need to be done by a qualified electrician.

You can reset the circuit breaker with the test button to make sure it’s functioning properly. Push the breaker switch all the way off. And then back to on. If nothing happens when the test button is pushed that means the device isn’t working properly and can’t protect the circuit in the way it was designed to.

Electrical circuit breaker

Look at your neighbours – if they don’t have electricity either is there a power cut? If everyone is without electricity your local operator will tell you if there’s an electric power cut. Then you can turn off all your appliances and keep one light switched on so you’ll instantly know when power resumes.

Make sure your bill payments are up to date. Your electricity supply may have been cut off due to an overlooked unpaid bill. You should have had written notice that your electricity provider intended to disconnect you on a specific date. And you should be able to arrange an agreement to get your electricity supply back on quickly.

A lack of cash in the prepayment meter would also cause a problem with your electricity. As soon as you top up your electricity should come back on – if it doesn’t there may be a problem with the meter and you’ll need to get in touch with the energy supplier. Or your landlord if you’re a tenant.

An electric key not working may be due to:

  • A failed transaction – your receipt will state cancelled or failed and you’ll need to try it again
  • A dirty key – clean the contacts with a clean cloth or dry toothbrush
  • A damaged key – you can get one free replacement by calling your energy supplier
  • A lack of credit – your electricity supply will only be restored when standing charges, plan payments, and emergency credit cover is available – your prepayment meter will display DEBT

Stay Safe

Follow these simple instructions for what to do in a power cut:

  • Be careful with using other kinds of heating and lighting such as candles and heaters – use torches and flashlights
  • Make sure that other heating appliances are turned off
  • Switch off everything that could cause risk of shock or fire when power comes back on
  • Don’t use the gas cooker for heat as that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Never attempt to make any electrical changes without proper knowledge and training
  • If any of your electrical devices are smoking or smelling you need to call for immediate help
  • Remember that electricity can be potentially fatal – always take extreme care when dealing with any electrical issues
Electrical outlet

Get Help 24/7

Whatever time of day or night you find your electricity gone off simple call a trusted emergency electrician. You’ll get a response within the hour. And with years of experience in the trade, your problem will quickly be diagnosed and solved. Your registered electrician will carry out work to meet top British Standards. And your no electricity nightmare will soon be over.