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How much does an electrician cost? Everything you need to know

When you’re hiring an electrician in your local area, it can be tricky to know what you should be paying.

In this article, we’ll answer the question “how much does an electrician cost?” in as much detail as possible.

We’ll start by taking a look at the average hourly rate an electrician might charge you. But the most important lesson comes last:

Whatever you need to have done to your property, you should always get a quote and a cost breakdown before you hire an electrician.

Electrician average hourly rate

In a recent survey by Which? Local, a whole group of electricians reported that:

  1. Their hourly rate ranged from £35-60
  2. A daily rate might be £250
  3. The first hour might be charged at a higher rate

So that’s your baseline.

But there are a number of other factors which affect how much your electrician will charge per hour. These will include:

Close up of electrician work

1) The age of your house

The newer your property is, the more likely you’ll have wiring and electrical fittings which are already compliant with modern laws. This will usually act to keep costs down.

Whereas in older houses, your fittings and wirings might need additional work to be brought up to a legal modern state. This can mean that there will be extra work involved and prices might be higher.

2) Your location

If you’re in London or another big city, expect to pay more for your electrical services. Other locations in the south-east also tend to be more expensive.

The further into the country you live, the more likely it is you’ll get a more reasonable quote.

3) The experience of your electrician

As in most industries, the more experience the professional you’re hiring has, the more likely they are to charge you a little more.

But when you’re hiring someone to handle work on such a vital part of your property – especially if the job you need to have completed falls under Part-P regulations – you won’t want to be skimping on their skills!

4) The type of project you have in mind

While many electricians have an hourly rate, there is also often a minimum overall fee based on the type of service that you need. This will almost always be the factor which has the greatest effect on the price you’ll pay for an electrician.

In general, the more complicated the job you have in mind, the more your work will cost.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

4.1) How much do electricians charge to install lights?

Again, the question of how much electricians charge to install lights has different factors which will affect the cost of your service.

For instance, you might need your expert to:

  • Replace light fittings – up to an hour – £40-60
  • Install a light – 1-3 hours – £80-£160 depending on location in your house
  • Replace older lights with modern LED lights – 5-8 hours – £280-400

As you can see, the actual task you have in mind will have a big effect on how much you can expect to pay.

4.2) The cost of rewiring a house

Again, there are a large number of different aspects which will alter the cost of rewiring a house. (That’s in addition to factors like your house’s age, your location and the experience of the electricians you hire to do the job mentioned above.)

You’ll need to ask yourself:

  1. Is your house going to be lived in while the work is being carried out?
  2. How many bedrooms are there?
  3. How big is the property overall?

Costs tend to rise by about £1000 per bedroom in a property:

  • 2-bed terrace – £2200-3000
  • 3-bed semi detached – £2800-4000
  • 4 bed detached – £4000-6000
electrician is checking electrical network

You should always check that the price that you are quoted will include all of the work you need to have done. Taking away all of the old wiring and fittings, installing a new metal consumer unit and so on.

In fact…

Make sure you get a price breakdown and quote – every time

One of the most important things to do when figuring out how much an electrician costs is to request a quote.

This quote should include a full breakdown so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.