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Electrical Safety Signs And Symbols And Their Meanings


Safety and hazard symbols are an instant way of warning and identifying dangers. These coloured or illuminated signboards are universally recognised. And have clear written or picture messages.

Electrical safety symbols have bold backgrounds cautioning about serious injuries that can happen due to electric shocks and burns. And act as a reminder about keeping safe. See electrical safety signs and symbols and their meanings here…

Electric symbol - Dange of Death

Get Safety Symbols Savvy

There are four main categories of signs and they are:

  • Emergency
  • Mandatory
  • Warning
  • Prohibition

Clock the Colours

Every style has a specific colour and sign shape that makes it recognisable worldwide.

Green Emergency – square or rectangular with a white image on a green background. Found on emergency exits, escape routes, and on first aid kits.

Blue Mandatory – round sign with white images on a blue background. Instructions to wash hands, use a safety harness, or wear safety glasses for example.

Yellow Warning – triangular with black edging and black image on yellow background. Warnings of electric shocks, biological hazards, magnetic fields, and other nearby hazards.

Red Prohibition – round with black image on white background and red edging with a red diagonal line. Instruction to not touch, not enter, no access, and even evacuation.

Electrical Safety Symbols

Spot the Signs

Electrical safety symbols provide information regarding the type of accident that may occur and the possible outcome. See more details on electrical safety signs and meaning below:

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt – the common signal for electricity is a lightning bolt. A one-word description may be written across the sign to indicate the danger.



Bolt through Hand

Bolt through Hand – this voltage or shock hazard symbol indicates that injury or death may occur via high-voltage electrical equipment


Bolt through Shoe

Bolt through Shoe – a danger of explosion happening due to static electricity
Bolt with Downward-pointing Arrow

Bolt with Downward-pointing Arrow – identifying buried electricity cables


Chemicals Communication

Alongside electrical warning, signs and symbols come hazardous chemicals pictograms. Every symbol has a black image on a white background, with a red border edge. There are nine different chemical hazard classifications and they are…



Health: head and shoulders within the sign warning of respiratory, reproductive, and organ toxicity. And cancer-causing potential





Flame: an internal flame indicates the possibility of self-heating, emission of flammable gases, and organic peroxides



Flame over Circle


Flame over Circle: this signal warns of oxidisers





Gas: a gas cylinder pictogram signals gas under pressure



Exploding bomb


Exploding bomb: an image that warns of explosives, self-reactives, and organic peroxides



Exclamation Mark


Exclamation Mark: this indicates the possibility of skin and eye irritants, harmful toxicity, respiratory issues, and a hazard to the ozone layer





Corrosion: an image of test tubes pouring liquid indicates danger of burns, eye damage, and metal corrosion





Environmental: aquatic toxicity is detailed as a fish coming out of the water with a background tree



Skull and Crossbones


Skull and Crossbones: this is a major warning of acute toxicity which could be fatal



Electrical Safety in the Workplace

A risk assessment will quickly alert you to the identification of potential hazards. Then you’ll be able to implement any measures to reduce the likelihood of them happening. You should also carry out proper training and provide personal protective equipment as needed.

Make sure that electrical safety signs are prominent. And move them every so often to avoid sign blindness where signs are familiar and not taken notice of. Ensure that every worker knows the symbols and their meaning.

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