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How Does An Electricity Saving Box Work?

As a nation we rely on electricity for almost everything in our daily lives. From keeping us warm to letting us use our electronic gadgets whenever we want. So how would you feel about installing an electricity saving box that could potentially save you money? Look at these powers saving devices and find out do they actually work here…

Questions To Ask Your Electrician

It’s a fact that 25% of people with electrical problems don’t use a registered electrician and rarely ask to see any credentials – electrical work that’s carried out properly can significantly reduce the risk of accident or injury. Take a look at what questions should you ask your electrician here…

Reasons to Try Smart Light Bulbs At Home

Smart stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology – basically monitoring and assessing devices in your home. Whether you give your command by voice, remote control, tablet, or smartphone your home reacts. If you’re interested in smart technology and your goal is to have a smart home you can simply start with smart light bulbs – here are some reasons to try smart light bulbs at home…

Electrical Safety Tips

Familiarity breeds complacency. We use electricity all day, every day and it’s easy to forget that it’s potentially quite dangerous. There are two major categories of risk associated with electricity in domestic situations. These are: